Membership Fees

The Association of Association of Clinical and Academic Physiotherapists of Nigeria (A.C.A.P.N) Membership Fees are as follows:

Annual Membership Fees

a) Each member must pay to the Association any annual membership fees as determine by the Congress.
b) A different membership fee shall be determined by the Congress taking into account relativity and status.
c) The congress has a discretion to waive the membership fee for one or more categories of membership
d) The NEC, at its sole discretion, can determine any payment arrangement.

10.2 Default in Payment of Dues

A member whose annual fees have:

a) not been paid for two years in a row- such a member qualifies as a Non-financial Member;
b) not been paid for 3 or more years in a row- ceases to be a member.

Without prejudice however, to its liabilities to the Association. If all dues in arrears are paid by March 31st in the succeeding year then the member /chapter shall, if eligible, be restored to membership without re-application.