Membership Process & Eligibility


Every applicant for membership of the Association must submit an application to the Association in a form and in a manner approved by the NEC.


The NEC may, at its sole discretion, accept or reject an applicant as a member of the Association.
T he NEC is not required to give any reason for the acceptance or rejection of an applicant as a member of the Association.
The NEC must only accept an applicant as a member of the Association if the NEC is satisfied that the applicant satisfies the eligibility criteria specified in Section 10 for the membership category for which the applicant has applied.


The Association must notify the applicant of the NEC’s decision to accept or refuse that person’s application for admission to membership, in writing in accordance with the procedures determined by the NEC from time to time.


Full Membership

To be a full member a person must:

(i)   be a registered Physiotherapist and licensed to practice Physiotherapy in Nigeria by the MRTB.
(ii)   have graduated (following a University Senate approval) from a programme of study approved by the MRTB from an NUC-recognized University.
(iii)   have paid Registration and annual dues to the association as may be determined from time to time.

Student/provisional Membership

To be a student member a person must:

(i)   be a Physiotherapy student in Nigeria following a program of study in any of the recognized University (accredited by MRTB & NUC).
(ii)   Provisional membership applies to Physiotherapist who are unemployed or about to secure internship/NYSC placement.

Associate Membership

To be an Associate Member a person must:

(i)   Have graduated from a Physiotherapy program in a country, other than Nigeria. Be ineligible for admission under any other membership category.
(ii)   Membership opportunities shall be open to other rehabilitation practitioners including occupational therapists, speech therapists, audiologists etc. Before applying for associate Membership, an application form available from the Secretary of NPTA has to be completed for review by the establishment committee for recommendation to NEC.

Provisional Membership

Physiotherapy interns who are undergoing internship in accredited hospitals or medical institutions can apply for provisional membership. Until this membership status is converted to full membership status as stipulated in subsection 8.6 above, provisional members shall have no voting right.

Special Membership(s)

Special memberships may be conferred by the Executive Committee at a General Meeting, upon persons who have rendered valuable service to the Physiotherapy profession on the condition that the assent of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the congress is gotten at a General Meeting.

The following categories of Special Memberships are available:

(i) Life Membership
May be granted to Physiotherapists (current or past members) who have provided outstanding long term service to Physiotherapy and who have reached or are approaching normal retirement.

(ii) Patron
May be granted to those individuals and organizations who have made a significant financial contribution to the Association.

(iii) Advisor
May be granted to those individuals outside the Association whose expert or professional services have been a significant contribution to the Association.

(vi) Consultant
May be granted to those individuals within the Association who may be solicited to assist with a special task or project because of their knowledge, expertise and experience.