Our Objectives

The objectives of the association are to:

a) Promote qualitative professional development which facilitates excellence in Physiotherapy outcomes and professional accountability.

b) Support evidence-based Physiotherapy practice and high quality research in various aspects of Physiotherapy, and to promote opportunities for the spread of knowledge of new developments in all fields of Physiotherapy.

d) Represent, promote and protect the interest of all members, and the profession of Physiotherapy in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

e) Provide justice to all members in accordance to the principles of natural justice.

f) Advocate for global best practice, particularly in the field of rehabilitation in Nigeria;

g) Lobby other organizations including government institutions and non-governmental organizations for and/or on behalf of Physiotherapy.

h) Advance Physiotherapy education and practice in Nigeria.

i) Create awareness and marketing Physiotherapy as the leader in the treatment and prevention of disorders of human movement.

j) Pursue any other matter related to the Objects as may be determined to be appropriate by the ACAPN from time to time.