It is no longer a piece of news that the 5th Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Association of Clinical and Academic Physiotherapists of Nigeria(ACAPN) is holding in Lagos, the "Centre of Excellence". This year's event tagged " Eko 2021" is unique for so many reasons, the top of it is being a "Homecoming for ACAPN".

If we could recollect, the journey of ACAPN officially started in Lagos, during the 2-day Summit held at the Sickle Cell Centre between the 4th-5th May 2017. This event marked the official unveiling of ACAPN and the first physical gathering of Physiotherapists under the umbrella of ACAPN.

The two-day event was packed with enough Academic, Clinical and Social ingredients, which made the event memorable to the attendees up till this moment. Notable authorities in the profession were on the ground and they impacted knowledge in their unique ways. Prof R.A Akinpelu, Dr Ganiyu Lukman, Dr Chuka Chike amongst others made the event thick, as the attendees learnt from the various sessions. The Summit lecture was delivered by Prof Mojeed Alabi, a member of the House of Representatives, former Speaker of Osun State House of Assembly, a barrister and a professor of Political Science. He is a man of many parts and he made the Summit lecture an engaging one.

On the Social angle, Eko LOC fed us maximally and made us feel at home, " Nah chop belleful galore ". The interactions among the PTs when the gathering dissolved into speciality groups, was quite interesting and exciting, it was a family, bound with love. If Eko LOC in 2017 can make the 2-day event and our stay this memorable and exciting, we can all imagine the package Eko 2021 LOC have in stock for us between 18th-23rd October, when all Physiotherapists will converge in Lagos for the ACAPN Conference. Nobody should contemplate missing this year's Conference.

Aside from all these, Eko is the Home of Tourism, the Centre of Excellence, the Home of Aquatic Splendour and a City of wonderful Sights and Scenes, which the LOC is ready to scintillate us all with. We can jocularly say "see Eko and faint". But we won't faint, we will come to Eko 2021, explore what the LOC has for us and go back to our various destinations with wonderful memories, just like we are still reminiscing about Eko 2017.

Eko oni baje o!

See you all in Lagos in October.

The PR Crew, ACAPN.

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